Three cheers for Friday!


For many of us, Friday is the end of the working week.

So as we skip off into the weekend let’s celebrate our reasons to be cheerful.

For me, Friday stands for fun. In this house its also Date Night. Say no more :-).

Today, Friday has a fizz and a pop to it. There will be fireworks all around as yesterday was Fireworks Night.

But generally, Friday has potential, the weekend is coming, the rotation of life continues and the weekend beckons with enticing space, family and more.

I want to voice my appreciation for the many, many people who work at the weekend, especially in our essential services and those who work on shift rotations – you all rock!

But finally and most importantly I want to acknowledge my gratitude for MY Friday’s. I am mindful of those for whom the weekend can be a tough place and send my love and compassion.

So for everyone out there, take time this Friday to pause, and to celebrate all that is good in your life.

Happy Friday everyone xxx


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