Heart to heart

This is story told at an Insight training seminar ‘Open your Heart’.

The origins of this statue in this tale are unknown. At some point, the statue was completely plastered over, painted and inlaid with bits of coloured glass to prevent it from being stolen.

Eventually the piece was moved to Bangkok and for many years, remained in a little used temple. That temple fell into disuse and was completely abandoned around 1931.The true nature of the statue wasn’t discovered until it was moved to its present location at Wat Traimit in 1955.

When the image was being hoisted into its new home, the ropes broke and the stucco cracked. Where the crack appeared, it seemed that light was shining out from inside. Terrified, everyone all ran away, distraught at the damage they had wrought.

That night, one of the team responsible for hoisting the statue, restless with worry and with his heart in his mouth he crept out with a torch to investigate.

Sure enough, as he shone the torch, a bright light emanated from inside. Again he ran away not understanding where the light was coming from.

The next morning, the team met together to look at the damage. In the calm light of day they could see that the crack was in fact a covering and they chipped away to reveal a gold surface.

Statues of Buddha have great reverence and they realised that the gold meant the Buddha was precious so they continued to carefully chip eventually reveal an incredibly precious 3m-tall, 5.5-tonne, solid-gold Buddha image 

Historians believe that this Buddha, which now sits in a new chapel at Wat Trammit perched high atop a four story marble-clad ziggurat originates from the 13th-14th centuries. Pieces of the plaster are still kept on display at the temple.

The moral of the story.
Sometimes life feels dark. In the darkness many of our fears become magnified and can feel overwhelming. When daytime dawns and we see our fear with fresh eyes we can take the time to calmly look more closely. 

Under our own layers of ‘plaster’, we are all precious and glowing inside. In these turbulent times we all need to open our hearts to celebrate and recognise that our ‘plaster’ might look different but inside we are the same.

Thank you to Peter Felsmann who facilitated at the Insight I, I attended in 2014 and told us this story. Insight I Seminar is a three day workshop designed to build the core skills needed for greater levels of success in all areas of life: http://insightseminarsuk.com


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