Price & Location, Oxfordshire

Currently Live Well Massage is available in Deddington, Aynho and London. I do offer mobile treatments within a 10 mile radius of Deddington. All massage treatments are completely unique to the indivdual – I work with what is needed in the moment. Do call or email to discuss further. Bookings also taken via Facebook Messenger and Twitter.

Specialised Individual Massage Treatments – Deddington Clinic, Oxfordshire

Offering a full range of individualised massage treatments, holistic, pregnancy, sports, swedish, trigger point therapy and shiatsu from my home studio with free parking in Deddington, Oxon. To accommodate different requirements I have both a massage table and a massage chair at the clinic for those who might find the table uncomfortable.

I work on a flexible basis – sometimes available at other locations but generally have slots in Deddington from 11am – 8.00pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Tuesdays) and 9am – 12pm on Saturdays

Between £50 and £65 per session

Specialised Individual Massage Treatments – at your home

For your privacy and comfort I offer a mobile massage service. Offering a full range of individualised massage treatments, holistic, pregnancy, sports, swedish, trigger point therapy and shiatsu. I bring my massage table to you.

Please get in-touch to discuss your location and your requirements. Evening slots are available.

From £65 per hour

Corporate Clients, Stress Awareness and On-site massage

For business clients who would like to provide a range of wellness options on-site, I offer a variety of options:

‘Stress Awareness’ training. This is a unique service to work with teams to understand the physiological mechanics of stress, how it affects us and where we need to pay attention to the effects.

On-site individualised massage for staff, which includes an assessment of postural requirements and appreciation of physical requirements in day to day working life.

Packages are available in London, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire.

Please call to discuss a tailored package to suit your business

Concessionary massage at £25 per hour, is available to customers who are in receipt of; income support, housing benefit, council tax benefit, job seekers allowance, or full time student. * Please note that all treatment timings include the initial consultation and some time at the end for after care. The full amount is usually charged if an appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance.

About massage

Massage is an excellent component of one’s overall personal Live Well Be Happy program. Integrating body, mind and spirit, massage can significantly reduce physical, mental and emotional fatigue and stress, resulting in a strong overall feeling of energetic rejuvenation and healthy well-being.

Some of the many specific beneficial results of massage include:

  • Relaxation
  • Relief of pain and tension
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved posture and athletic performance
  • Strengthened immune system

Further Questions

If you have never had a massage, you are probably thinking about all sorts of questions. One of the key thoughts to remember is that massage stimulates the body’s parasympathetic “rest-and-relax” nervous system (the opposite of its sympathetic “fight-or-flight” response), so it counters both physical and mental stresses — giving you a better shot at relaxation and relief from daily life.

Below are some of the most common questions, but do feel free to ask or email others...

I have never had a massage before, what can I expect?

You can expect to have your massage in a safe, nurturing environment. You can expect to feel peaceful, totally relaxed and calm afterward. You can expect to be listened to – you are the one who knows your body. I cannot “fix” you, since you are not broken. I can assist your body in finding its way to relaxation by using massage.

Do I need to make any preparation before I come for a massage?

In the main no but there are a few things to think about:

First of all, make sure it is a good time for you to have a massage: please consider rescheduling your appointment if have a fever, skin irritations (such as impetigo or sunburn), or if you are trying to stabilise a medication (because massage can affect the dosage needed).

Give yourself enough time to arrive on time and relaxed. If you are rushing and arrive stressed, it will take longer to get into a relaxed state.

Are you going to ask me any questions?

Yes. But rest assured it is part of the process to ensure you have the treatment you need and know that anything you say is totally confidential.

Generally, the things I will ask about are:

  • Medical conditions
  • Areas of concern
  • Your level of pain or discomfort on good and bad days
  • What helps reduce the pain and what makes it worse
  • Contact information

Do I have to take my clothes off?

This is a frequent question that a lot of people want to know, but don’t always ask. You only have to undress to your level of comfort. You will be on the massage table, with sheets and blankets covering you at all times. Only the part of your body being worked on will be exposed, for example arm, leg, and back. If you are not comfortable getting undressed at all, I have techniques that I can use through your clothing. It is always your choice on how much clothing to take off or leave on. You will always be properly draped for your privacy and comfort level.

Don’t rush or worry that that I will walk in on you – I will knock and check you are ready before I entering the massage room.

For more Frequently Asked Questions, including more condition-specific questions please refer to the FAQs page.