What on earth am I on about?

Life is utterly rammed to the hilt with life in general, getting to work, kids, no kids, job, getting home from work, ironing, walking the dog, having the ‘best time evvvveeeeeeerrrrr.’ You get my drift?

Slow down and think about it sometimes. When the traffic light is red, gaze out of the window. On the train, put the smart “****’ device down and look out of the window. Just daydream once in a while. Your brain will thank you for it.

I am giving a talk at Ready Steady Spice in Eynsham on Tuesday 17th May for the Oxfordshire Family Project to talk about the impact of stress on family life. Hope to see you there.

Date: Tuesday 17th May 2016
Time: 8.00pm – 10.00pm
Venue: Ready Steady Spice, 34 Newland Street, Eynsham, OX29 4LA
Parking: Ready Steady Spice Car Park (entrance off Queen Street)
Cost £15 for guests, £10 for members.

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