10 things you might want to know about why you should ask for a gluteal massage


  1. If you suffer form lower back pain, the source could well be your Gluteus Medius, Minimus and Maximus.
  2. Your Gluteus Medius, Minimus and Maximus – glutes are the set of muscles more commonly known as your bottom.
  3. The muscles around the hip area and buttocks are very busy throughout a normal day. They engage when a person sits, stands, walks or does just about anything that involves moving the upper legs, or twisting the hips. The gluteus muscles are often joked about, but are important in helping to keep the human body from falling down.
  4. Our bottoms contains very large and strong muscles. These muscles require massage techniques that can reach through many layers of tissue. Using the forearm for broad strokes, the elbow for depth and the hands to massage the muscles can be the most effective in reducing the stress and strengthening any weakness and, ultimately, reducing lower back pain.
  5. I will use sports massage techniques for your glutes, particularly for the treatment of piriformis syndrome, gluteal trigger points and muscular tension. If you suffer from sciatica, you will benefit greatly from this massage.
  6. Tell me if you want more or less pressure. I am happy to oblige. Everyone is different. In fact, I am really happy if you tell me what you like and don’t like as we go along – it helps me to personalise your massage to what you want and need.
  7. You can keep your underwear on. I will also use drapes to preserve your privacy. Remember I am not seeing your flutes as your bottom, I see it as a cracking set of muscles to loosen. Even if you are comfortable with nudity, I don’t need to see it.
  8. I have no hang ups about massaging your glutes! I know how much it helps you.
  9. If you are happy with what I do, tell your friends. I love referrals.
  10. Remember I am a registered massage therapist NOT any other type of massage therapist so any funny business you will find yourself with a swift boot to the glutes. I did not work through heavy duty training to be associated with prostitution. Trust me – I’m pretty serious about it. Jokes about “happy endings” are outdated as well.

Self care for low back pain, tight upper hamstring or tight gluteals
Glutes: Sit on the floor knees bent. Place a tennis or cricket ball under your glute near the painful area. Slowly roll the ball under the muscle until you find a tender area.  Let the weight of your body rest on the tender area for 5 – 10 seconds.  For a more intense massage, cross your legs and continue rolling.
Low Back: Place 2 tennis or cricket balls inside a long sock, knot at the end and create the perfect spinal massage tool. The gap between the balls allows space for your vertebrae while still allowing pressure to massage your spinal erector muscles. Place under your low back and roll up and down your spine.


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