Some of the many benefits of massage


Some of the many benefits of massage:

Healthy, happy staff?
• On average, each person suffering from stress took around 23 days off work, 19 days for ill health cases and 7.5 days for injuries.
• The average days lost per case for stress, depression or anxiety (23 days) was higher than for musculoskeletal disorders (16 days).

Headache ? pop pills or book a massage?
While a headache can be a side effect of other underlying causes, stress and fatigue are the most common causes of non-chronic regular headaches. At times, the pain extends into the shoulders, neck or spine as well. In such a scenario, a massage can do wonders for a person.

Researchers measured the stress hormone cortisol in participants before and immediately after massage: cortisol levels dropped by up to 53%.

27% of employers report stress is one of the top five causes of absence in the workplace.

How effective is massage
86% of people agree that massage effectively reduces pain. We know this instinctively too – anyone ever ‘rub it better’?
Only 10% of men and 30% of women have regular massages however 89% say they know they would benefit from regular massages.

High blood pressure?
A study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that after people with normal blood pressure had deep tissue-massage for 45-60 minutes, their BP’s fell.

I am so blocked up…
Would you like an abdominal massage with that laxative? Yes, you would: a 2009 swedish study found that people who received a massage along with traditional constipation treatment felt significantly better than those who stuck with just laxatives.

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