What is Pregnancy Massage?

Take time out during your pregnancy to really connect with the experience that is the carrying of your unborn child. A massage is a fabulous way for you both to relax and let the world just drift away. Pregnancy massage is a treatment carried out by a specially trained therapist (which I am!) and is … Continued

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I wanna see you wiggle it, just a little bit!

Forgive me for implanting an ear worm and for the gratuitous bikini video but I really must echo the sentiment so happily expressed by the chaps of Acid Groove: “I wanna see you wiggle it, just a little bit…” So what I hear you asking are you on about? This is a massage therapist’s website, … Continued

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Massage through the ages

Drawing on the long lineage of massage in history, how do past theories filter into today’s massage practice? The historical perspective Massage is a universal instinct. Humans have always instinctively known to ‘rub it better,’ and that touch is so beneficial. Massage dates back through the millennia, with references appearing in writings from across ancient … Continued

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