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Does colour make you vibrate?

Currently I am considering how you might use colour as a healing therapy in a manner which is contemporary, rational and relevant to the alternative therapy fearing crowd. Interestingly, one of the places from which I work, The Yeleni Centre has each room decorated in specific colours to represent specific chakra’s. Colour is more than … Continued

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The problem with food in the first world – its not simple!

Unpacking our shopping this afternoon from our occasional pilgrimage to the food mecca that is Wholefoods, I couldn’t help but laugh over the utter absurdity of it all. According to The Hunger Project, 1.2 billion people who live below the poverty line every day – I am quite sure they aren’t ruminating over the benefits … Continued

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Hands up for oxytocin – one of our most basic human needs…

Walking home in the pouring rain this morning I was struck once again by the personality of our dog, Bella. Many times I have commented that she is the very embodiment of joy – her sheer delight on a walk, her unconditional greeting when you return home from the shops, her total devotion to a … Continued

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Why you MUST book a massage when you are stressed

Stress can mean many things to many people; one person’s jump out of a plane is another’s walk in the park. Understanding that stress can be anything, real or imagined and accepting without judgement that we are all different would go along way to reducing stress in all our lives. Our brains are super clever, … Continued

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Massage through the ages

Drawing on the long lineage of massage in history, how do past theories filter into today’s massage practice? The historical perspective Massage is a universal instinct. Humans have always instinctively known to ‘rub it better,’ and that touch is so beneficial. Massage dates back through the millennia, with references appearing in writings from across ancient … Continued

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