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Is your needle stuck?

For those of us old enough to remember playing our favourite record over and over again until the track became a deep groove where the needle repeatedly stuck, the imagery is clear. It may be that like me there is a realisation that records have become cool again – as often happens, things from our … Continued

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Just breathe…

When I start to talk about the importance of breathing I can sometimes detect a quiet rolling of eyes and almost hear “well if we didn’t breathe we would be dead.” Quite correct. There are very few absolutes in life but this is one of them. Breathing is a natural involuntary action. We inhale and … Continued

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What on earth am I on about? Life is utterly rammed to the hilt with life in general, getting to work, kids, no kids, job, getting home from work, ironing, walking the dog, having the ‘best time evvvveeeeeeerrrrr.’ You get my drift? Slow down and think about it sometimes. When the traffic light is red, … Continued

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Stressed at work? Of course you are, everyone is.

Stress is a natural phenomenon that helps us to get stuff done when we are under pressure. A certain amount of stress in our lives is actually essential to being sufficiently stimulated to meet the challenges of everyday life. But how much is too much? Stress that is not controlled and that continues for a … Continued

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